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Colleagues Directory

The Mimubase colleague directory provides a profile view of active researchers, breeders, foresters, and related members of the community. The current directory represents 39 users from 24 organizations in 8 different countries. An active user account will enable you to access analytical pipelines and submit data directly to TreeGenes. You may also edit your profile information at any time and join our mailing list for community updates. To obtain an account, please fill out a short profile here.
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PhotoNamePositionInstitutionResearch InterestHobbies
Lin, QiaoshanGraduate StudentUniversity of Connecticut
Lowry, DavidProfessorMichigan State University
Mantel, SamuelGraduate StudentUniversity of Georgia
McMahon, HayleyGraduate StudentUniversity of Connecticut
Nakasato, KotaGraduate StudentMichigan State UniversityVirus effects on the fitness and reproductive traits of Mimulus spp.
Ramnath, RishardeResearcherTreeGenesProgrammingMusician
Seemann, JeffProfessorUniversity of ConnecticutPlant physiological ecology
Sheth, SeemaProfessorNorth Carolina State Universityevolutionary ecology
niche evolution
Sobel, JamesProfessorBinghamton University (SUNY)adaptation
Stanley, LaurenStaff Graduate StudentUniversity of ConnecticutEvo-devo
Streisfeld, MattProfessorUniversity of Oregon
Sweigart, AndreaProfessorUniversity of Georgiaevolutionary genetics
Uranga, CarlaPostdoctoral ScholarJ. Craig Venter InstituteMicrobial genetics, proteomicssewing
Whitener, MakenzieGraduate StudentUniversity of GeorgiaPolyploidy
Willis, JohnProfessorDuke UniversityMimulusfishing
Xiao, ZhengResearcherJiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Yuan, YaowuProfessorUniversity of ConnecticutEverything about Mimulus
Genetics, development, and evolution of phenotypic diversity, novelty and integration
Table tennis
Roller skating
zheng, xiaoResearcherJiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Zuellig, MatthewPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of Berngenetics
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