Mimulus parishii


Genus Mimulus
Species parishii
Common Name Parish monkeyflower
Abbreviation M. parishii
Description Mimulus parishii is a species of monkeyflower known by the common name Parish's monkeyflower. It is native to the mountains and hills of the southern half of California, far western Nevada, and northern Baja California, where it grows in wet, sandy habitat such as streambanks. It is an annual herb growing 3 to over centimeters in maximum height with a stout, hairy stem. The oppositely arranged oval or widely lance-shaped leaves are up to 7.5 centimeters long. The narrow, tubular base of the flower is encapsulated in a ribbed calyx of sepals with pointed lobes. The five-lobed flower is white, often tinged with pink. (calscape.org)
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