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Colleagues Directory

The Mimubase colleague directory provides a profile view of active researchers, breeders, foresters, and related members of the community. The current directory represents 43 users from 26 organizations in 8 different countries. An active user account will enable you to access analytical pipelines and submit data directly to TreeGenes. You may also edit your profile information at any time and join our mailing list for community updates. To obtain an account, please fill out a short profile here.
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PhotoNamePositionInstitutionResearch InterestHobbies
Baer, ChristinaProfessorBinghamton University
Bahun, BenjaminUndergraduate StudentBinghamton UniversityDifferential expression of the SVP gene in Mimulus ringens
Baker, RobProfessorMiami UniveristyEvolutionary genetics
Evolution and Development
Baumberger, RolfPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of ZurichRapid transition in Diplacus and genera of other plant families
Long term monitory in Diplacus (= M. aurantiacus)
Berg, ColetteGraduate StudentUniversity of Montana
Blackman, BenjaminProfessorUniversity of California Berkeleyevo-devo
flowering time
phenotypic plasticity
Brennan, DarleneStaffMichigan State University
Coughlan, JennPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of North CarolinaSpeciation, adaptation
Coughlin, ErinResearcherNorth Carolina State University
Ding, BaoqingPostdoctoral ScholarUniversity of ConnecticutEvolution, Development
Ferris, KathleenProfessorTulane UniversitySpeciation
Parallel evolution
Local adaptation
Baking, eating, running, traveling, dancing like no one's watching, instagram, reading classic British lit
Fishman, LilaProfessorUniversity of Montana
Flores, MiguelUndergraduate StudentNCSUMajestic Mimulus
Friedman, JanniceProfessorQueen's Universityevolutionary biology
ecological genetics
Gurung, VandanaStaff Graduate StudentUniversity of ConnecticutDevelopmental biology
Hileman, LenaProfessorUniversity of KansasFlower development, evolution
Hongfei, ChenStaff Graduate StudentUCONN
Ivey, ChrisProfessorCalifornia State University, Chicoevolutionary ecology
plant-insect interactions
plant reproduction
Jenifer, HelgaGraduate StudentBharathiar University
Kelly, JohnProfessorKU
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