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SpeciesPopulation CodePopulation NameInternal AccessionLocationStateCountyLatitudeLongitudeElevationAnnual/Perennialsort ascendingHabitatSeed stockCollectorCollection DateSeed CustodianComments
Mimulus guttatusSLRSLRUpper Cottonwood Creek Wildlife Area, Merced County, CA (off Hwy 152, N of San Luis Reservoir; go to parking area; follow first rivulet after gate)CAMerced37.090642-121.2030622N. MartinLowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusSLS16-SLSAK53.8836-166.453714Vallejo-Marin/Friedman/Puzey2016Vallejo-Marin
Mimulus guttatusSLTANG081Slate CreekCAHumboldt41.25024-123.6434317.0688 m2John R. Paul2008Lowry LabKlamath
Mimulus guttatusSLVANG049Silver ForkCAEl Dorado38.70067-120.20731585.8744 m10John R. Paul2008Angert LabAmerican
Mimulus guttatusSMOSMOSonoma Mountain Road. 1.5 miles from the end of the road.CASonoma38. 19.399-122.59051588In a very vegetated creek7D. Lowry4/27/06Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusSMRSMRSwetman Mine Road. South of Hope, AK on Kenai Pen. Along road in N/S direction on E side of slope (facing W) mesic soil, mid-slope.AK60.8984-149.606367168.6 mRoadside2H. Guest/D. LowrySummer 2005Willis Lab
Mimulus laciniatusSTYSTSnow Trail Yosemite NP, near fallsCAMariposa37.76637-119.541676135 ftgranite outcropJason SextonWillis Lab
Mimulus guttatusSNDANG021Sandy Cove seepCAFresno36.78282-118.900221581.6072 m10John R. Paul2008Angert LabKings
Mimulus guttatusSNLSnell Valley PreservePopulation spread out along a creek on Snell Valley Rd. east of Chiles Pope Valley Rd. Creek runs on both sides of the road. Most of population is located on property designated as the Snell Valley Nature Preserve. You can park at a gated entrance with a very small sign. Collect discreetly.CANapa38.700639-122.408139579Koelling5/25/09Kelly Lab
Mimulus laciniatusPRGPRG (L)Sierra National Forest, Fresno County, CA (Hwy 168, 4 miles SW of Pine Ridge)CAFresno37.017625-119.526501N. MartinWillis Labalso M. nasutus, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus laciniatusLRTLRT?1Ritland?Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusSOLSOLSoldier's MEADOW, NVNVLander41.378995-119.1751683Lowry Labspecies identification uncertain, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus laciniatusLCRLCR??ID#7076Ritland?Willis Lab
Mimulus wiensiiCRECRECreel-La Bufa Res, Chihuahua, MX #13008Chihuahua27.37528-107.6658451VickeryWillis Labcoordinates are very estimated
Mimulus guttatusSPPSPPAcross bridge on trail to campsites 76-125, Sugarloaf Pine Point State Park, CA (Lake Tahoe)CAEl Dorado39.049967-120.1358836436 ftstream bank, some sandy14C. Wu8/6/06Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusSPRSPR (G)Soda Creek Campground at Sparks Lake, Hwy 46 from Bend, ORORDeschutes44.025067-121.7285335368 ftsandy banks, sometimes submerged5C. Wu8/21/06Lowry Labalso M. tilingii
Mimulus cardinalisEVEANG238Steven's Creek LT-14CASanta Clara37.348326-122.175908.1Amy Angert1999Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisEVGANG154Evergreen RoadCATuolumne37.857-119.8641335 m4Amy Angert2008Angert Lab
Mimulus laciniatusHHRHHR (L)Along left side of the trail around Hetchy Hetch Reservoir growing on big rocks, maybe ¾ of a mile in. Yosemite NP.CATuolumne37.957183-119.785953962 ftmoss covered granite boulders along north side of the trailK. Ferris/J. Selby5/27/08Willis Labdry laciniatus, live hybrids/other species
Mimulus laciniatusGRBGBGrand Bluff in Sierra National Forest off Hwy 168CAFresno37.0708-119.231655510 ftgranite outcropJason SextonWillis Lab
Mimulus cardinalisFIDANG096Fiddle Creek (FI)CASierra39.5204-120.99815706 m3Amy Angert2010Angert Lab
Mimulus laciniatusBRBRNear Chico in hills around Lake Oroville, CaliforniaCAButte39.6445-121.34273020 ftgranite outcropJason SextonWillis Labdivergent!!!!
Mimulus laciniatusBPBPSierra National Forest just south of Yosemite, CaliforniaCAMadera37.238-119.2588000 ftblack volcanic rock outcropJason SextonWillis Lab
Mimulus guttatusSSPSSPSerpentine Loop Road S, Chinese Camp, CACATuolumne37.853417-120.4666073N. MartinLowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus kelloggiiDG-M6North Table Mountain Ecological ReserveCAButte39.59611291-121.5498944372.8535 fam kellDena Grossenbacher4/8/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus cardinalisFORANG150ForestaCAMariposa37.699-119.7561303 m6Amy Angert2008Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusSTNSTNSteen Mountain Loop, approx. 1 mi back from Kiger Gorge outlook towards FrenchglenORHarney42.700817-118.5935678556 ftseepy mossy creek in grassland, with M. lewisiiC. Wu8/21/08Willis Lab
Mimulus jungermannioidesDG-M103[no location name]CA45.18882823-119.8607376619.3024 famDena Grossenbacher6/27/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus jungermannioidesDG-M1025 miles South CongonCA45.17175471-120.2035995751.1696 famDena Grossenbacher6/27/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusSTRSTRSchofield Trail River, CO, at the first major! River crossing that's not right at the West Maroon TrailCOGunnison39.024667-107.0313511090 ftin muddy/silty river bankC. Wu7/27/08Willis Labspecies identification uncertain
Mimulus cardinalisFOXANG090South Fork (at Fox Creek, Angelo Coast Range Reserve)CAMendocino39.74001-123.63228449.2752 m5John R. Paul2008Angert LabEel
Mimulus cardinalisFSHANG005Fish CreekCAMadera37.26082-119.355771404.2136 m1John R. Paul2008Angert LabSan Joaquin Drainage
Mimulus guttatusSWBSWBSpearm Whale Beach, just north of the town of Irish Beach, CACAMendocino39.035983-123.69046715seepy coastal cliff>30D. Lowry/K. Wright5/11/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus johnstoniiDG-M75Big Pine HwyCASan Bernardino34.40148305-117.8159641372.29310 famDena Grossenbacher6/7/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus johnstoniiDG-M71Islip Saddle, Pacific Crest TrailCALos Angeles34.35857656-117.85388882049.30220 famDena Grossenbacher6/5/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusSWMSWMRiver crossing near junction of Schofield Trail and West Maroon Trails, COCOGunnison39.032233-107.03116710890 ftin muddy/silty river bankC. Wu7/27/08Willis Labspecies identification uncertain
Mimulus guttatus, few nudatusPBRPBRCreek on side of HWY 20, near junction of hwy 16 and just SW of corralCAColusa39.011-122.3663171059K.Toll/A. Jeong6/13/13Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusSXN61CATuolumne38.31999-119.922942001 mmeadow24DeMarche9/25/10Small stream emptying into small meadow. Mature fruits.
Mimulus guttatusSZA16-SZAAK57.45567-152.449755Vallejo-Marin/Friedman/Puzey2016Vallejo-Marin
Mimulus guttatusTABTABLocated on Cherokee Rd., north of Oroville. Population is on a large plateau (Table Mountain) near a pull-off and gated entrance on the west side of the road. Property of the Dept. of Fish and Game; be discreet about collecting.CAButte39.557013-121.551591310Koelling5/27/09Kelly Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusDG-M61Devil's Head RoadCANapa38.80262032-122.3421359478.01630 famDena Grossenbacher5/29/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusDG-M36Iron Canyon TrailCATehama40.2529875-122.1506316203.82110 famDena Grossenbacher5/6/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusTAWTAWStart Fork Trail ~1mile past Morris Meadow in Trinity Alps Wilderness, N. CalCArock outcrops in wet slope3L. Fishman6/17/02Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDG-M32Upper Bidwell Park, ChicoCAButte39.76209543-121.794632173.9320 famDena Grossenbacher5/4/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusTDBTidbits CreekNear H. J. Andrews Experimental Forest on the right side of NFD 1509, very near the junction of 1509 and 15. There is also a small patch on the river side of the road.ORLane44.22176-122.265441417Koelling6/16/09Kelly Lab
Mimulus guttatusDG-M29North Fork of Feather RiverCAButte39.73348627-121.47011125 famDena Grossenbacher5/3/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusDG-M28North Fork of Feather RiverCAButte39.73348627-121.47011123 famDena Grossenbacher5/3/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusDG-M122Clausen, Keck, and Heisey Research Cabin, Camp MatherCATuolumne37.88465653-119.8459387gutDena Grossenbacher7/29/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusZEN16-ZENAK53.84306-166.3884712Vallejo-Marin/Friedman/Puzey2016Vallejo-Marin
Mimulus guttatusYYBANG077Middle YubaCAYuba39.39442-121.08302425.196 m9John R. Paul2008Lowry LabYuba
Mimulus cardinalisGHVANG139Crane-lowCAMariposa37.677-119.776603 m6Amy Angert2002Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusYVOYVO (G)On the north side of Hwy 120CAMariposa37.723367-119.7464335101 ftmoss covered granite seepK. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Willis Labalso M. nasutus
Mimulus guttatusYVOYVO (G)On the north side of Hwy 120CAMariposa37.723367-119.7464335101 ftmoss covered granite seep2K. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Lowry Labalso M. nasutus
Mimulus guttatusYULYULYule Pass, accessed via Poverty Gulch, COCOGunnison39.000267-107.10036711727 ftrocky seep below snowpack, trail to the left over the pass. Soil is moist, but not active surface water10C. Wu8/13/06Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusTHE33CAEl Dorado38.71921-120.189021909 mmeadow29DeMarche9/24/10Large meadow with M. primuloides. Some indiv. senescent, mature fruits.
Mimulus cardinalisGIBANG134Big CreekCATuolumne37.8143-120.1318100 ft10Amy Angert1999Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusTHRTHRThree Creeks Lake, 17 mi S on Forest Road 16 from Sisters, ORORDeschutes44.101067-121.6231836520 ftaround rocks interspersed on sandy bank of lakeC. Wu8/22/08Willis Labspecies identification uncertain
Mimulus cardinalisGOOANG163Goose Gap Unknown CreekCAShasta40.89904444-122.0600694.4Amy Angert2009Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusYSPYSP (G)Yosemite Springs Parkway, Madera County, CA (.5 miles off of Hwy 4, 4 miles N of San Joaquin experimental rangeCA37.154693-119.733953N. MartinWillis Labalso M. nasutus, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusTKETR3Truckee river, CACA39.276203-120.205871river islands3A. Case7/29/04Lowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusTKLTKL (G)RD. to Tullock Lake/Copperopolis off 120, CACA37.878903-120.596128serpentine3L. Fishmanlate April/early May 1998Lowry Labalso M. nudatus, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusYSJYSJYosemite Jct., CA (sunny, marshy area) #5007CA37.892022-120.4822342VickeryLowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus cardinalisGROANG156Grouse CreekCATuolumne37.861031-119.780159.1Amy Angert2008Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisHAFANG153Hardin FlatCATuolumne37.811827-119.939396.3Amy Angert2008Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisHAMANG131Hamilton/LickCASanta Clara37.335453-122.096459.1Amy Angert8/9/95Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusTNO290Small stream near Silver Fork RdCAEl Dorado38.76844-120.289621371 mstream33DeMarche8/12/10with M. cardinalis. Flowering with some mature fruit. M. cardinalis vegetative with some flowerbuds.
Mimulus cardinalisHAUANG108Hauser Creek (HA)CASan Diego32.65822-116.53235788 m8Amy Angert2010Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisHONANG120Honey Creek, North Fork UmpquaORDouglas43.30581667-122.95505872 ft3Amy Angert9/22/03Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusYRNYRNNorth Yakoun River, Golden Spruce Trail, Queen Charlotte Islands, BCBCGraham Island53.630517-132.207143shaded riparian area and sunny river bank1D. Lowry6/18/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusTRATrask River Rd. 1Population in ditch along right side of road headed toward Barney Reservoir; goes on for at least 2-300 ft. and is also on the left side of the road at one point; Trask River Rd. is closed by Weyerhauser (who own the land for logging) about a week prior to July 4th, so it may be necessary to hike to the site.ORYamhill45.42225-123.305111930Koelling6/30/09Kelly Lab
Mimulus guttatusTRBTrail BridgePopulation on seepy basalt cliffs along NFD 730 north of Trail Bridge Reservoir; follow sign to reservoir from Hwy. 126 and then follow NFD 730 as it goes along the reservoir and passes the campground; sign on Hwy. 126 says "Smith Reservoir" because that's where the road ends up.ORLinn44.28386-122.050132120Koelling7/12/09Kelly Lab
Mimulus guttatusTRETR4Truckee river, CACA39.273954-120.206054river islands3A. Case7/29/04Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus cardinalisHPPANG130HPCAContra Costa37.83778056-122.1775861226 m9Amy Angert1999Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusYQAYaquina HeadSmall pops against cliff face within the Quarry Cove and tidepools areas of the Yaquina Head Natural Area. Not accessible because the beach area is closed to public access so as not to disturb the seals. Would need a permit to collect here.ORLincoln44.675556-124.077472sea levelKoellingnot collectedKelly Lab
Mimulus guttatusYPTYPTYule Pass Trail, 2nd big seep from trail headCOGunnison38.99235-107.073811457 ftrocky outcros seep in talus fieldC. Wu8/13/06Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusYPHYPHYule Pass Trail, big seep closest to trail headCOGunnison38.991367-107.0728511434 ftrocky outcros seep in talus fieldC. Wu8/13/06Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusTRRTrask River Rd. 2Approximately 1/4-1/2 mile further up the road from Trask River Rd. 1 in a seasonal drainage; all along the banks and in the ditch along the road; again, site may have to be hiked due to road closure.ORYamhill45.425444-123.3136941127Koelling6/30/09Kelly Lab
Mimulus cardinalisINDANG038South Fork (Indian Springs)CAEl Dorado38.76268-120.331181098.4992 m1John R. Paul2008Angert LabAmerican
Mimulus guttatusTSGTSGTed's Spring, Queen Charlotte Islands, BCBCGraham Island53.418833-131.91573315roadside ditch and seepy hillside>30D. Lowry6/19/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus whitneyiDG-M86Hume LakeTulare36.79773845-118.90602731646.6371 famDena Grossenbacher6/12/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusTUGTUGIntersection of Tug way and Horseshoe, west of Copperopolis, CACACalaveras37.949567-120.678617757grassy creek and edge of dried up pond8D. Lowry/K. Wright5/5/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusYOJYOJYosemite Jct, CA (sunny, rocky creek) #5006CA37.885156-120.4883141VickeryLowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusYNPYNPYosemite Valley, Yosemite National ParkCAMariposa37.7663-119.5421333~61006Jason SextonJun-06Lowry Lab
Mimulus cardinalisJAMANG095Little Jameson Creek (LIJA)CAPlumas39.74298-120.704011592 m8Amy Angert2010Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisJERANG113Jersey DaleCAMariposa37.56310278-119.85728061167 m4Amy Angert1999Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusTVO270Small stream approx. 1/4 mi W of Upper Cascade CreekCAAlpine38.57905-119.808072412 mstream22DeMarche8/9/10with M. tilingii (?). Flowering with mature fruits.
Mimulus guttatusTVV277Small seep off FS 5N01CATuolumne38.31393-119.907652143 mseep21DeMarche8/9/10with M. primuloides. Few flowers, mature fruits.
Mimulus cardinalisKCKANG187Buck Meadows (BU)CAMariposa37.7769-120.0632729 ft5Amy Angert2001Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusTVX276Large meadow off FS 5N01.CATuolumne38.31992-119.919532046 mmeadow37DeMarche8/9/10Flowering with mature fruits.
Mimulus cardinalisKITANG101Kitchen Ck. (KI)CASan Diego32.75206-116.452211173 m10Amy Angert2010Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisKKCANG210Buck Meadows (BU)CAMariposa37.7769-120.0632729 ft5Amy Angert2005Angert Lab
Mimulus cardinalisKLAANG069Klamath 1 (Aikens Creek)CAHumboldt41.22847-123.651593.6576 m2John R. Paul2008Angert LabKlamath
Mimulus guttatusTWXEDRCAEl Dorado38.79075-120.220251813 mstream30DeMarche9/24/10Small stream through open pine /oak forest. Flowering with mature fruits.
Mimulus guttatusTXG268Small meadow near turnout on HWY 4.CAAlpine38.58503-119.789582192 mmeadow24DeMarche8/9/10Flowering with mature fruits.
Mimulus cardinalisKLMANG073Klamath 3CASiskiyou41.81022-123.11591395.6304 m14John R. Paul2008Angert LabKlamath
Mimulus cardinalisLECANG109Middle Ck.CASiskiyou41.6682-123.1105657 m2Amy Angert2010Angert Lab
Mimulus guttatusUCKUCKUp a creek, to the northeast of the school in Copperopolis, CACACalaveras37.979909-120.636311small creek in field3D. Lowry/K. Wright5/5/05Lowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusUGC16-UGCAK53.82313-166.4341611Vallejo-Marin/Friedman/Puzey2016Vallejo-Marin
Mimulus guttatusULCULCUpper Lehman Creek Campground, behind campsites 13 and 14, Great Basin National Park, NVNVWhite Pine39.012683-114.2512177690 fton moss and logs in streamC. Wu8/7/06Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusULOULOUpper LooptrailCOGunnison38.88337-106.960682801 m4Jacob Heiling7/28/15Lowry lab