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SpeciesPopulation CodePopulation NameInternal AccessionLocationStateCountyLatitudeLongitudeElevationAnnual/Perennialsort descendingHabitatSeed stockCollectorCollection DateSeed CustodianComments
Mimulus nasutusNNMNNMWhite Sands, NM #5018NM32.786966-106.3258131VickeryWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus acutidensDG-M45Haslett BasinCAFresno37.07782593-119.37924361104.6994 famDena Grossenbacher5/16/08Dena Grossenbacher
Mimulus guttatusCAVCAVAbout 1.1 miles up Cavedale Road from the junction with Hwy. 12. North of the city of Sonoma, CA.CASonoma38.342817-122.4854404Annualroad cut and nearby streamsD. Lowry4/29/06Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusFRRFRRFish Rock Road near mile marker 24.00. Small roadside waterfall. CA.CAMendocino38.860519-123.434134Annualsmall seepy waterfall?D. Lowry3/3/09Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusCCCCCCCentral Copperopolis Court, main shaft area, Copperopolis, CACACalaveras37.969917-120.63315887Annualcopper mine tailings>30D. Lowry/K. Wright4/26/05Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusFMRFMRFigueroa Mountain Road in Los Padres National ForestCASanta Barbara34.723333-119.9683333894Annualserpentine roadside>30J. Selby/K. Ferris5/6/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCCRCCR (G)Coal Canyon Road, CACAButte39.60485-121.597667Annual~20C. IveyApril/May 2007Willis LabLots of Apis visiting flowers, species identification uncertain, could be nasutus
Mimulus guttatusFEVFEVFernview Campground, across highway 20 from the campground, ORORLinn44.399883-122.29811356Annualroadside seep1D. Lowry/K. Wright5/22/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusFEFFEFLumpkin Road just south of Feather Falls off of Forbestown Rd outside of OrovilleCAButte39.554167-121.3351775Annualroadside ditch17J. Selby/K. Ferris5/24/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nudatusPLRPLRnMcLaughlin Reserve, Pipeline Road serpentine outcrop adjacent to PLRgCALake38.879263-122.42501AnnualSerpentine outcrop7J. Selby/K. Toll4/30/12Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusCECCEC (G)Central Camp Road, 1-2 miles inCAMadera37.308617-119.49524182ftAnnualmossy granite boulders along the side of the roadK. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Willis Labspecies identification uncertain, possibly nasutus, also laciniatus
Mimulus guttatusCGRCGRCougar Reservoir, ORORLane44.060528-122.091672Annualrocky cliffs>30M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusELLGMDMonticello dam/Lake Berryessa, Solano Cty, CaCASolano38.514619-122.104028Annualcliff13L. Fishmanlate April/early May 1998Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusEELEELSouth Fork Eel River, just south of Hwy 1 bridge. Mile marker 105.02CAMendocino39.86378-123.7221217AnnualMossy rocks along river shoreD. Lowry7/31/15Lowry Lab
Mimulus nudatusMCHDHROKnoxville BLM land adjacent to McLaughlin Reserve. Top of Research Hill just off of road to BLM land.CALake38.859167-122.4111112169Annualexposed serpentine33J. Selby/K. Ferris5/13/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCIICHIChili Gulch near McSorley Ranch in drainage that goes under highway, I-49N, E side of roadCACalaveras38.27222222-120.71361111188 ftAnnualsloping drainageB. Blackman5/26/11Willis Labplants pretty done flowering
Mimulus nudatusGGMREM NudMcLaughlin Reserve Research Hill seep by Goat Grass MeadowCALake38.85752-122.41341AnnualSerpentine seep20J. Selby7/2/05Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusEDREDREast Dunne Road east of Morgan Hill towards Henry W. Coe State Park just above reservoirCASanta Clara37.17-121.571667Annualpossible serpentine hillsideJ. Selby/K. Ferris5/11/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nudatusCSHCSHMcLaughlin Reserve. Hillside north of Core Shed across stream near bridge.CALake38.861111-122.4152782087Annualexposed serpentine hillside16J. Selby/K. Ferris5/13/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusEDBEDBSiskiyou National Forest west of Hwy 199 on Eight Dollar Rd right near bridge over the Illinois RiverORJosephine42.245833-123.6886111213Annualserpentine barren26J. Selby/K. Ferris5/21/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutus?BDWBDWBidwell Park, Upper Park Middle Trail by rock outcrops at hilltopCAButte39.755396-121.811963Annualrocky outcropB. Blackman5/31/11Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusCOECOEHenry Coe State Park Entrance. Dried streambed under bridge at trail entrance.CASanta Clara37.187-121.54672521 ftAnnualstreambedB. Blackman5/24/11Willis Labuncertain of species identification, well into flowering but no mature seed
Mimulus guttatusCOLCOLHWY 49 between Moccasin and Coulterville. At mile 1 marker in Toulumne Co.CAToulumne37.75308-120.24802AnnualSerpentine roadside population12K. Wright5/24/07Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDRGDRGDexter Reservoir, OR (guttatus collected from DEX site)ORLane43.915394-122.766983898 ftAnnualseepy roadside cliffsJ. Modliszewski5.11.08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCONCONIntersection of Buckboard and Constaga, west of Copperopolis, CACACalaveras37.981283-120.6913993Annualroadside field21D. Lowry/K. Wright5/4/05Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDRCDRCDry Creek, CACAButte39.617333-121.625883Annual~20C. IveyApr-07Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDOGDOGKlamath National Forest on Hwy 96 just west of YrekaCASiskiyou41.843889-122.8916671685Annualserpentine creek14J. Selby/K. Ferris5/22/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDKRDKRDarby Knob Road 0.6 mi off 4N near Red AppleCACalaveras38.17525-120.379953224 ftAnnualroadside creekB. Blackman5/26/11Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusYOSYOSYosemite Falls, CACA37.7569-119.596346Annualmisty waterfall>30M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus guttatusCPBCPBCopper Bay, Queen Charlotte Islands, BCBCMoresby Island53.171033-131.78481710Annualroadside ditch23D. Lowry6/19/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus guttatusDHRDHRKnoxville BLM land adjacent to McLaughlin Reserve. Top of Research Hill just off of road to BLM land.CALake38.859167-122.4111112169Annualserpentine16J. Selby/K. Ferris5/13/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCPNCPCone Peak, North Slope, ORORLinn44.4146-122.1330335013Annualalpine meadow>40D. Lowry/K. Wright5/21/05Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusDCMDCMMcLaughlin Reserve in stream near Davis Creek back behind the pit.CALake38.928141-122.379293AnnualSerpentine???50+J. Selby4/30/12Willis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusWVI279 (N)Granite scree before Fraser Flat campgroundCATuolumne38.17129-120.064414830 ftAnnualgranite screeB. Blackman5/26/11Willis Labwith M. laciniatus (? Hard to tell, all indiv. senescent).
Mimulus nasutusWSKWSKalong White Salmon River, WAWAKlickitat45.754108-121.517799have dataAnnualseepy cliff and ditch along roadJ. Modliszewski5/15/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCSTCSTMount Constitution, Orcas IslandWASan Juan48.654758-122.836113AnnualGrassland with trees6D. Lowry8/4/18Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusWPAWPAEasternmost of 4 WPA 1941 marked bridges on Highway 58, near intersection with CA-229.CASan Luis Obispo35.42845-120.5387671236 ftAnnualCreekB. Blackman5/23/11Willis Labuncertain of identification as nasutus. Only a couple plants with mature seed; More plants at other bridges as well as north on 229. A lot of aurantiacus in the area as well
Mimulus guttatusCSSCSSGuttatus sympatric to CSH in streamCALake38.861111-122.4152782087Annualserpentine streamJ. Selby/K. Ferris5/13/08Willis Lab
Mimulus guttatusCSHgCSHgGuttatus sympatric to CSH on hillsideCALake38.861111-122.4152782087AnnualSerpentine seep20J. Selby6/1/10Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusWGV285 (N)cliffs on north side of Hwy 120CATuolumne37.82901-119.957981225 mAnnualcliffsB. Blackman5/25/11Willis LabDry meadow. All indiv. senescent with mature fruits.
Mimulus nasutusWGE283 (N)Dry creek bed off E. Sprague Rd.CATuolumne37.82055-120.1485672809 ftAnnualstreamB. Blackman5/25/11Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusWELWEL (N)CA-178 culvert near Kern River Reserve sign E of WeldonCAKern35.66405-118.3039332658 ftAnnualstreamB. Blackman5/22/11Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusVORVOR (N?)Valley of the Rogue SP, Rogue River, ORORJackson42.413533-123.126517971 ftAnnualvernal pool along Rogue RiverJ. Modliszewski5/8/08Willis Labspecies identification uncertain, possibly guttatus
Mimulus nasutusUQNUQNUmpqua River, Scottsburg, OROR43.709729-124.090501Annualrocky cliffs8M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusTROTRT (original :)Troutdale, OR along Columbia scenic river highwayORMultnomah45.539192-122.376534have dataAnnualrocky cliffJ. Modliszewski5/16/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusTOKTOKTokopah Falls, Sequoia NP, CACATulare36.608544,-118.690114Annualmisty waterfall3M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusTERTERDry creekbed 11 mi from Santa Margarita on Highway 58 near Trail's End Road; private landCASan Luis Obispo35.459483-120.4579171363 ftAnnualdry creekbedB. Blackman5/23/11Willis Labuncertain of identification as nasutus
Mimulus nasutusSSNSSN (N?)Salt Spring Island (At the Y at the end of Isabella Road. Walk 100 meters down left side of the Y in the road. At culvert, walk 25 meters downhill along stream, which runs through culvert, to get to the population)BCSalt Spring Island48.739-123.431Annualalong stream9D. Lowry5/8/04Willis Labspecies identification uncertain
Mimulus nasutusSMSSMSSeep 4 mi E of Santa Margarita on Highway 58CASan Luis Obispo35.43385-120.524251478 ftAnnualroadside seepB. Blackman5/23/11Willis Labuncertain of identification as nasutus
Mimulus nasutusSMCSMCShakemaker Creek, Big Creek Reserve, CACAMonterey36.061517-121.554552294Annualsmall stream in meadow26D. Lowry/K. Wright5/1/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusSILSIL (N)CA-173 2-3mi E of intersection with CA-138 at first stream crossing, road floodedCASan Bernardino34.308167-117.33293246 ftAnnualmuddy creekB. Blackman5/21/11Willis Labhighly variable in size and developmental stage, no mature seed yet
Mimulus brevipesHTCHTCHorsethief Canyon TrailCASan Diego32.74215-116.6622832473 ftAnnualdry slopeB. Blackmannot collected, thorn on fruit, lanceolate leaves
Mimulus nasutusSHISHIStandish-Hickey SRA. Population growing on cliff next to deep swimming hole along Eel River.Annualseepy cliff and river bank12D. LowryAug-07Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusSHFSFSherar's Falls, ORORWasco45.264444-121.0225Annualrocky cliffs>30WillisWillis Lab
Mimulus nasutusSHCSHC (N)Short Canyon Trail. From I-395, drive up Short Canyon Rd (unpaved, but well graded BLM road) to parking lot of Short Canyon trail and hike in less than 1 mile to creekCAKern35.712233-117.9204833683 ftAnnualcreekB. Blackman5/22/11Willis Labalso M. aurantiacus and M. guttatus
Mimulus nasutusSFFSNB1 (N)Sandy Bluffs, roadside cliffs Hwy 168, Sierra National ForestCAFresno37.038683-119.4063673292 ftAnnualroadside granite cliffsK. Ferris/J. Selby5/29/08Willis Labdried out, species identification uncertain, possibly nasutus, also M. laciniatus
Mimulus nasutusSBNSBNtown of Sherar's Bridge, OR (near Sherar's Falls)ORWasco45.261288-121.033394Annualrocky tiny "cliff" and seepy areaJ. Modliszewski5/14/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusPLNPLNPlum CreekCATehama40.323611-121.8985671942Annualroad side ditch, off of Plum Creek (town: Paynes Creek, CA, off of Hwy 36)Jenn CoughlanWillis Lab
Mimulus nasutusORCORC (N)Hansen Dam Park / Orcas Park. From far end of far parking lot, follow path down behind bushes to cross small creek and emerge at river. Walk east alsong river and small population of M. nasutus in sandy mud next to slow creek fork.CALos Angeles34.268233-118.3625331063 ftAnnualbank besides slow side branch of riverB. Blackman5/20/11Willis LabSome bolted, no flowers yet, also M. guttatus
Mimulus nasutusONEONE (N?)Oneonta Gorge, Columbia River, OROR45.589635-122.075075Annual7Willis Labidentification questionable, could be guttatus, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusNHNNHNNanoose Hill, Vancouver Island, B.C. (North of Nanaimo on Island Highway, rt. On Northwest Bay Road, rt. On powder Point Road, rt. On Anchor Way, rt. On Chain Way, lf on Link Place, park at the end of Link Place and walk up the dirt road into Fairwinds resort land)BCVancouver Island49.273-124.16Annualseepy meadow3D. Lowry5/7/04Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusNFNNFNalong road next to NW side of North Fork Reservoir, near Estacada, ORORClackamas45.240993-122.260925have dataAnnualseepy cliff along roadJ. Modliszewski5/14/08Willis Labpotential hybrids in these pops
Mimulus nasutusNASNASSnake RiverAnnual1Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusNADNAD (N)Nadeau Magnolia Mine just above intersection of Waterline Trail and Siebert SP Loop Trail. From CA-14, take Indian Wells Canyon Rd (SE 152) to SE 164 to SE 174. Park at mine and hike up Waterline trail ~0.5 - 1 miCAKern35.695217-117.9706835101 ftAnnualcreekB. Blackman5/22/11Willis Labnasutus flowering, also M. guttatus
Mimulus nasutusMUGMUG (N)Mussey Grade Rd. Stream across from last driveway before deadend. There is bamboo at the pulloutCASan Diego32.9581-116.9144331068 ftAnnualStreamB. Blackman5/19/11Willis LabSmall pop (fewer than 30 plants) of mixed guttatus and nasutus both in flower but no mature fruits. Also M. aurantiacus
Mimulus nasutusMTPMTPMission Trails Regional Park; Oak Canyon Creek above falls along Oak Canyon TrailCASan Diego32.84535-117.045983490 ftAnnualcreekB. Blackman5/19/11Willis LabMore plants all along creek from Old Mission Dam to this site. Large variability in plant size and perhaps also stigma exsertion. Also M. aurantiacus
Mimulus nasutusMHAMHAMount Hamilton, near mile marker 19.18 along highway 130, CACASanta Clara37.340267-121.6569173157Annualroadside seepy hillside19D. Lowry/K. Wright5/8/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusLRDLRDEmma Rd near intersection with Cheseboro rd leading to Littlerock DamCALos Angeles34.506467-118.02762200 ftAnnualriverbed marshlandB. Blackman5/21/11Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusLFRLFR (N)Pacific Crest Trail 1 mi. SE of Lucky 5 Ranch on S-1; Parked on Lucky 5's Drive and hiked in.CASan Diego32.964967-116.5087834865 ftAnnualcreek on either side of trailB. Blackman5/19/11Willis LabMostly if not all nasutus. Some large plants without buds (lvs 2 cm or so) in muddiest areas. Plants below trail more guttatus-like
Mimulus nasutusKRRKRRKing's Ridge Road, north of Cazadero, CACASonoma38.580283-123.116817434Annualseepy roadside cliffs16D. Lowry/K. Wright5/9/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusHNYHNYCreek next to 2275 Honey Springs RoadCASan Diego32.668333-116.7727782000 ftAnnualdrainageB. Blackman5/19/11Willis Labsmall stature, small flowers, just seeing corollas peaking from buds, small pop size.
Mimulus nasutusHNCHNCHamilton Nord Cana Rd near CA-99CAButte39.85495-121.957083184 ftAnnualstreamB. Blackman5/30/11Willis Labtotally senesced and mostly shattered
Mimulus allotetraploid (gut x nas)BVNBVNBen Irving Reservoir, near Roseburg, ORORDouglas43.0592-123.5708333957 ftAnnualditch along roadJ. Modliszewski5/10/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusHCNHCNHog Creek boat landing, Galice Road, along Rogue River, ORORJosephine42.540133-123.501583800 ftAnnualalong banks of RR, in sandy soil/scree rock bedJ. Modliszewski5/9/08Willis Lab
Mimulus nasutusEDAEDA (N)East Dunne Avenue on the way to Henry Coe State Park near road marker 0702.CASanta Clara37.16545-121.5770331785 ftAnnualroadside seepB. Blackman5/24/11Willis Labuncertain of species identification
Mimulus nasutusDCRDCRDeer Creek Road, CACATehama39.98698-122.148804Annualroadside ditch>30M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus allotetraploid (gut x nas)BVWBVWBen Irving Reservoir, near Roseburg, ORORDouglas43.060783-123.5880671115 ftAnnualditch along road, further upJ. Modliszewski5/10/08Willis Labalmost looked like F1 hybrid btw gut and nas, but tetraploid
Mimulus nasutusCOACOACohasset creekCAButte39.741717-121.6953831002Annualrocky, dry outcrop, with drainage pipe to the side (a little hidden)--> both nasutus and glaucescens growing root-in-root, both totally dried out. On Cohasset rd, just past where power lines pass over the river while heading N.Jenn CoughlanWillis Lab
Mimulus nasutusCMPCMPIntersection of Campus and 21st, Ontario, CA (Exit 56, 210W)CASan Bernardino34.13972222-117.64333331725 ftAnnualroadsideB. Blackman5/21/11Willis Labsome plants completely done flowering, but new seedlings growing in adjacent muddy roadside; species identification uncertain
Mimulus nasutusCMFCMFCamp Meeker Falls, between Camp Meeker and Monte Rio near Bohemian Highway, CACASonoma38.44305-122.9737236Annualshaded riparian area>30D. Lowry/K. Wright5/10/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus nasutusCLRCLRColumbia River, ORORKlickitat45.714011-121.523626Annualrocky cliffs>30M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusCIECIECienega Creek, AZAZ31.983975-110.2845Annualalong stream17M. Hall5/5/00Lowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusCHSCOH2 (N)Cohasset Rd S of CohassetCAButte39.862883-121.783551308 ftAnnualrocky outcropB. Blackman5/31/11Willis Labmostly nearly done flowering, dry seed, sympatric with glaucescens, big plants; from GPS, looks to be further north than COH collected by C. Wu
Mimulus nasutusCHNCHNCohasset RdCAButte39.854767-121.796455AnnualRocky, dry area with nasutus--> does not appear to be glaucescens here this year.Jenn CoughlanWillis Lab
Mimulus nasutusCDRCDR (N)CA-178 3mi N of Richbar Camp, 1 mi SW of Democrat SpringsCAKern35.500083-118.69411775 ftAnnualdescending streamB. Blackman5/23/11Willis Labalso M. guttatus
Mimulus nasutusCCRCCR (N)Coal Canyon Road, CACAButte39.60485-121.597667Annual~20C. IveyApril/May 2007Willis LabLots of Apis visiting flowers, species identification uncertain, could be guttatus
Mimulus nasutusCACCAC (N)Catherine Creek, WAWAKlickitat45.71076-121.3667300 ftAnnualseasonal stream on rocky hillside2Sweigart6/25/10Sweigart Labsympatric with M. guttatus, peak flowering late April
Mimulus nasutusBSRBSR (N)Blue Slide Road, just north of intersection with Weymouth Bluff Road. North of Rio Dell along the Eel river, CACAHumboldt40.529517-124.1630564Annualwet sandstone river cliff along roadside>30D. Lowry/K. Wright5/14/05Willis Labalso M. guttatus
Mimulus nasutusBRRBRC1 (N)Bear Camp Road 1ORCurry42.5916-123.7556673700 ftAnnualcliffs1B. Blackman6/4/11Lowry Labthousands of plants in cliff but very few flowering, may mostly be alsinoides?
Mimulus nasutusBRIBRIBridal Veil Falls, CACAMariposa38.765841-120.490349Annualmisty waterfall>30M. HallWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus nasutusASKASK (N)N side of OR-140, along section of road After entering Siskiyou National Forest. Around V in cliff with waterfall. Mile marker 22ORJackson42.389733-122.4755172888 ftAnnualseepy cliffB. Blackman6/3/11Willis Labmostly done flowering, also M.guttatus
Mimulus nasutusARBARB (N)Arroyo Bayou, San Antonio Valley Road, CACASanta Clara37.35665-121.56493331935Annualarroyo/wash>30D. Lowry/K. Wright5/8/05Willis Labalso M. guttatus
Mimulus micranthusLGRLGRAt mile marker 17.62 along Low Gap Road, west of Ukiah, CA.CAMendocino39.165399-123.3700631585AnnualIn a small creek in oak savanna29D. Lowry4/26/06Lowry Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus micranthusEBREBREast of Branscomb, about 2 miles, near Branscomb Road, CACAMendocino39.63075-123.53191822Annualcow pasture>30D. Lowry/K. Wright5/12/05Lowry Lab
Mimulus laciniatusWUVWUValong road to Wuksachi Village, first bend after turn off 198, Sequoia National ParkCATulare36.604867-118. 45.4696987 ftAnnualgrowing near a granite roadside seepK. Ferris/J. Selby5/30/08Willis Labmost flowering, especially away from seep
Mimulus allotetraploid (gut x nas)DEXDEX=DRNDexter Reservoir, OR (=DRN)ORLane43.913562-122.768793Annual10WillisWillis Labcoordinates are estimated
Mimulus laciniatusWLFWLFAlong Tiago Road east of White Wolf. Yosemite NP.CAMariposa37.841533-119.593857,859 ftAnnualon moss in granite rock crevices beneath snow melt trickling over cliff faceK. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Willis Labrosettes, a few flowers
Mimulus laciniatusWAWWAWWawona bridge, Hwy 41, CACA37.836707-119.453684Annualroadside ditch and seepy rock (drier)>30Willis Labspecies identification uncertain, coordinates are estimated
Mimulus laciniatusTRTTRTLocated on north side of Hwy 41 below Turtleback Dome. Right on roadside cliff.CAMariposa37.7165-119.705354858 ftAnnualOn mossy granite rock crevices along roadsideK. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Willis Labdesiccated
Mimulus laciniatusTIATIGRLocated on Tiago Road overlooking Lake Tanaya on the way there from 120. Yosemite National Park.CAMariposa37.812-119.50598,489 ft.Annualon wet, mossy rock face overhanging the roadK. Ferris/J. Selby5/28/08Willis Labmostly rosettes, a few flowers